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Brands not yet on the map
Messages for specific countries
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Brands on the map

For brands like Divacup and Mooncup UK, which have a lot of stores which would be impractical to load all at once, you'll have to zoom in on a particular location to see the stores there.

Most brands can be bought online from, and shipped anywhere in the world.

Divacup marker Divacup

Lunette marker Lunette

MCUK marker Mooncup (UK)

Meluna marker Meluna

Femmecup marker Femmecup

Ruby marker Ruby Cup

Femmycycle marker Femmycycle

JuJu marker JuJu

Luvur body marker Luvur body

MPower marker MPower

My Own Cup marker My Own Cup

Inciclo marker Inciclo

Maggacup marker Maggacup

Mialuna marker Mialuna

Cuplee marker Cuplee

Yuuki marker Yuuki

Gaiacup marker Gaiacup

Luneale marker Luneale

Organicup marker Organicup

Fleurity marker Fleurity

Parcelpoint marker Parcelpoint is a service that lets you deliver anything to a retail store near you, so although these stores don't stock menstrual cups, you can have one delivered there.

Misc marker Miscellaneous, stores selling multiple brands.

Brands not yet on the map

Keeper and US Moon Cup don't have a list of retailers on their website. CVS seems to stock Moon Cups, but since they also stock Divacups they're on the map anyway.

Sckoon - has a list of international retailers, but I'm not sure which ones actually stock the menstrual cups (Sckoon also makes children's clothing), for example there are Australian stores on that list, but the Sckoon cup is not approved for sale in Australia. So Sckoon is not on the map yet.

Instead softcups are also not on the map because they're not anything like normal menstrual cups, and there are so many stores that it makes it hard to see the other brands. To find an instead cup retailer, see their store locator.

Other brands which don't seem to have any list of stores: SheCup, Gaiacup, Fleurcup, Lilycup, Naturcup, Anigan EvaCup, Blossom Cup, Lena,...

Messages for specific countries

In some countries, menstrual cups can be found or ordered in any pharmacy. Instead of showing every single pharmacy on the map, a message will pop up if you access the map from certain countries.


Sie können auch jetzt Ihre Menstruationstasse einfach in jeder Apotheke in Deutschland bestellen. Dabei geben Sie einem der Angestellten bitte die folgende PZN:

LunetteModell 14406696
LunetteModell 23774274
MooncupGröße A6709194
MooncupGröße B6709188
YuukiGröße 16997796
YuukiGröße 26997804
DivaCupGröße 12650819
DivaCupGröße 22650848
Ruby CupClassic (M)10275494
Ruby CupPink (M)11177687
Ruby CupBlue (M)11177747
Ruby CupClassic (S)11304016
Ruby CupPink (S)11304051
Ruby CupBlue (S)11304134
Oder kaufen Sie online.


Sie können auch jetzt Ihre Menstruationstasse einfach in jeder Apotheke in Österreich bestellen. Dabei geben Sie einem der Angestellten bitte die folgende PZN:

LunetteModell 13734613
LunetteModell 23662799
MooncupGröße A3324051
MooncupGröße B3324068
Oder kaufen Sie online.


Lunette-tuotteet löydät Suomessa nettimyynnin lisäksi apteekeista kautta maan sekä Löytötex-myymälöistä, Stockmann-tavarataloista, ekokauppa Ruohonjuuren myymälöistä sekä useimmista luontaistuotekaupoista.

New store suggestions

If you know of a store selling menstrual cups that isn't yet on the map, then please let me know.

And in case I have any questions:

Or, you can email me at . Maybe you know a webpage that lists store locations not yet on the map? Let me know! I speak English, Spanish, and German, and I'll do my best with google translate with anything else.

Embedding the map

If you want to embed the map on your website, you can use the following html:
<iframe src="" width="500" height="400"></iframe>
You can also specify a location like this: